About Us

Would you go to a doctor to fix your car? At one time people went to a butcher to take out a tooth. How crazy does that sound right?

People start or send their family members to train in Martial Arts for a number of reasons.

* Self Defence
* Fitness
* Self Confidence
* Social Interaction

In RMA full time studio, we have programmes developed by 5th Dan and owner Mr. Paul O’Leary, a full time professional martial arts instructor who has dedicated over 20 years to the art of Tae Kwon Do. Our programmes cater to every need whether you have considered a Martial Arts Development programme to be the answer to your problems or not.

Self Defence – This is pretty much something that is offered as standard by martial arts clubs. RMA Studio teaches self-defence based on Master Paul O’Leary’s 20+ years studying practical defence for all age groups and abilities. The idea is not to complicate things for the sake of complication. Our programme has been used by members in the past to protect themselves in real situations in the course of their professional work to great effect.

Fitness – A lot of good martial arts training can push you with a great workout over the course of the hour or so training. For some people just getting up and moving about is a chore. Our programmes involve plenty of activity based on your current needs and progress at a level you are able for. But also looking to push you beyond the point you are at now. Warm-ups, drills, traditional training and sparring are all ways to increase your health and wellbeing.

We also have a stand-alone fitness program called Drop Your Pants. You can find more information about Drop Your Pants in the CLASSES section.

Self Confidence – This is something that RMA Studio really look to enhance in our members. Self Confidence does not mean that a person is cocky or aggressively trying to dominate other people. But they are comfortable within themselves to be able to shrug off verbal insults, and give any would be aggressor reason to back off without needing to deal with a problem in a physical way. Bullies don’t bully confident people because they are harder to deal with. We make sure that our clients are certain of their ability so that they are in complete control at all times. Boosted self-esteem and self-confidence through the knowledge of their real value to society.

Social Interaction – Some people find it hard to interact with their peers. Today people are becoming more and more addicted to media devices either for work or recreation. This means that they do not get as much of a chance to meet and develop relationships with other people. The friendly and open setting of RMA Studio allows all our clients to interact on a fair level with each other. Building lifelong friendships and making a real difference in how people live their lives and see their value within the studio membership and beyond.

Teaching Martial Arts Development is not a part time thing for us in the studio. A high level of service and client satisfaction is our main goal, delivering real results is how we judge ourselves on that task. The many families who are part of our Rebel community have been amazed at the changes they have seen in their loved ones since they started training with us.

Professional Martial Arts Development services are rare in this country and so we would be delighted to have you or your family members come along and try out a class or two and see what we have to offer.